How To Install Natural Hair Clip Ins

natural hair clip ins

Here we have some different types of hairs and now you can learn how to install natural hair clip ins.

Up, half down and half on colored natural hair.

  Even though Jessica’s hair was short on the back, she was able to clip the hair within a few minutes and quickly get long hair.

Half up, half wet with an eye

  In this tutorial, you will see that he cornroved the backside of his hair before installing clip-ins.  This is a recommended method because your hair is protected and in this way your clip-ins are easy to install and take down.

Twist out with side part on 4A hair

  In this tutorial, she added clip ins on loose hair and used Ecostellar Gel to blend her hair with clip-ins.

 Top Not with Half Down on 3C Hair

  In this tutorial, the hair was washed and conditioned before installation.  She styled on wet hair to get a curly look.  You can cornrow your hair for a quicker installation.

 Twist out with a middle section on 4C hair

  It was air conditioned before washing and installing hair.  Personally recommend washing your hair extensions before installing, so that you can get rid of any chemical preservatives that are used to protect hair.

Another thing is to installed the hair on loose hair and then curled her hair with extensions for a smooth blend.  This is a very good technique if you are using a hair extension that is slightly different from your hair and you do not want to cornrow your hair before installing the clip-in.

 Blow out on short 4c hair

  These clip-ins are perfect for changing hair or when you want to wear a blow out look without actually taking your hair out.  If you have long hair, it is best to do the hair backwards and give the hair a slight flick upward so that it can blend with a kinky straight clip-in.

   4-in-1 Clip On Hair 4A Short Hair

  You can achieve the look you want with kinky clip-ins and style it the same way you would style your natural hair.  Depending on which style you are going for, you can use one or two packs.