How To Install Natural Hair Clip Ins

natural hair clip ins

Here we have some different types of hairs and now you can learn how to install natural hair clip ins.

Up, half down and half on colored natural hair.

  Even though Jessica’s hair was short on the back, she was able to clip the hair within a few minutes and quickly get long hair.

Half up, half wet with an eye

  In this tutorial, you will see that he cornroved the backside of his hair before installing clip-ins.  This is a recommended method because your hair is protected and in this way your clip-ins are easy to install and take down.

Twist out with side part on 4A hair

  In this tutorial, she added clip ins on loose hair and used Ecostellar Gel to blend her hair with clip-ins.

 Top Not with Half Down on 3C Hair

  In this tutorial, the hair was washed and conditioned before installation.  She styled on wet hair to get a curly look.  You can cornrow your hair for a quicker installation.

 Twist out with a middle section on 4C hair

  It was air conditioned before washing and installing hair.  Personally recommend washing your hair extensions before installing, so that you can get rid of any chemical preservatives that are used to protect hair.

Another thing is to installed the hair on loose hair and then curled her hair with extensions for a smooth blend.  This is a very good technique if you are using a hair extension that is slightly different from your hair and you do not want to cornrow your hair before installing the clip-in.

 Blow out on short 4c hair

  These clip-ins are perfect for changing hair or when you want to wear a blow out look without actually taking your hair out.  If you have long hair, it is best to do the hair backwards and give the hair a slight flick upward so that it can blend with a kinky straight clip-in.

   4-in-1 Clip On Hair 4A Short Hair

  You can achieve the look you want with kinky clip-ins and style it the same way you would style your natural hair.  Depending on which style you are going for, you can use one or two packs.


How To Lay Sod and Install Irrigation Systems

Here are the steps to lay the sod with Irrigation

  1. You can find out how to sow your lawn regardless of whether you’ve ever planted something.  Preparation is everything when discovering how to introduce the lawn.  Like any cultivation activity, land preparation will have the effect between a patio that is solid and rich, and one that is thin, dries effectively and ultimately falls flat.  The previous weekend you have the grass transported, rent or purchase a rototiller and down to earth six inches down.  Add an inch or two layers of fertilizer to the highest point of dirt and until it enters.  At that point, the large part Using a metal rake, smooth the region to be soaked and separate any huge lumps.  Water. That’s why having proper irrigation is very important. You want to keep the sod healthy by having the best irrigation to service the grass with water. If you would like to learn more checkout this Irrigation Tallahassee repair and supply of rainmakers

  2. Have the lawn transported the morning of the facility if possible.  If not, close to the day before.  Water the lawn on the beds gently to prevent drying.  Perspective: Don’t soak the grass, it will make it much heavier to transport and carry.

  3. Lay your first column of grass, as a rule, along the longest side of the patio.  Lay strips of grass with the finishes together, but not covered.  This is vital in order not to have weeds growing between the strips of grass as the garden accumulates.

  4. Lay the next line of grass.  On this line, you should stun the folds “as if you were blocking”.  Install the rest of your columns in this amazing way.

  5. Use a sharp nursery knife to cut the strips to fit.  My “garden” blade was an old saw blade from the kitchen cabinet.  He continued long enough to complete the entire yard.  Be careful You will never cut a new roll again.

  6. By the time the grass is fully stretched, stroll through the folds to gently help them reach the ground.  Some lease a roller, however we have never had a problem with just walking through the folds.  Water well with sprinklers.

  Water the new yard consistently for seven days, at that time each day for the following week.  In week three, you should see remarkable development and should have the option to water like an ordinary (new) yard for your atmosphere.  By the time the yard is 3 inches tall, it is the ideal first cut opportunity.  It is also prepared for light pedestrian activities.  Lawn gardens are completely extreme.

direct to garment printing

NYC T-Shirt Design Guides

Most of us have purchased a custom garment at some point in our lives. Perhaps you ordered a graduation shirt in high school or college or had special NYC T-shirts made up for your wedding or anniversary party. Custom T-shirts are often used to commemorate a special event or accomplishment. In this article we will discuss buying custom garments on the web.

The internet has had a profound effect on the way we live or lives. In addition to information and entertainment, the web also gives us the option of shopping for quality products at discount prices. E-commerce is now the fastest growing segment of the retail sector in America. Even in the wake of the Great Recession, online sales continue their impressive run. They grew by 10.8 percent in 2009.

What do you need to know about T-shirt design guide? There are two obvious advantages of buying custom garments online from brands link mytshirtkings for custom t-shirts in nyc. The first is that they are much cheaper. E-stores save on rent, staff, and inventory and pass these savings along to their customers. The result is that shoppers can often save twenty to fifty percent over local custom printers.

Using a T-shirt design guide and ordering online is also faster and more convenient than stopping in a regular retail store. Most online sellers offer a program that give customers the ability to design their own T-shirts on their sites. Guests can enter the text and choose from a number of popular designs. Some of the more sophisticated sellers even give designers the option of uploading their own design ideas.

Printing Methods

The two most popular printing methods that are used to complete custom orders are screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing has been around for thousands of years. It is simple, reliable, and cheap. Once the design is selected, the printer can create as many custom garments as the customer needs. Best of all, the shirts get cheaper the more you order, which is why screen printing is the method of choice for bulk orders. For instance, when a high school requests five hundred custom T-shirts for graduation, they almost always go with screen printing.

As the name suggests, digital printing involves an actual digital printer that has been modified to print on garments. Nearly any design can be reproduced with digital printing, but it can be quite costly. Since it is relatively new, costs for this method are fairly expensive. Digital printing is ideal for smaller orders that involve extremely intricate and colorful designs.

Maintaining African American Kinky Curly Hair

Typically, African-American hair affords one much greater styling opportunities, not to mention the fact that black hair is far less prone to frequent hair fall. Certain styles (such as an Afro) can be carried out effectively only by black men or women.

Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Through many years of wearing all types of kinky curly hair extensions, i’ve found the best curly sew in with my natural hair extensions. They offer the most textured kinky curly patterns for black men.

The rules for care for African-American hair are quite different. Let’s take a quick look at three top rules that all black men and women should follow:

Shampoo Less

Black hair distributes much less oil than other ethnicities – this is a genetic trait if nothing else. Because of this reason, shampooing every day or even every alternate day is not a great idea for African-Americans. Daily shampoo strips the hair of all moisture, leading to dry, dull and lifeless hair. Instead, you should shampoo only once in a 5 days. If you can stretch it, even try shampooing once every 7 days.

Of course you’re saying: “Isn’t shampooing just once a week a bit too extreme?” The answer to this question is to simply apply conditioner every 2-3 days. Just rinse with warm water, apply your favorite conditioner generously, and presto – soft, luxurious hair that feels nice and smells great! And that too without any shampoo.

Not All Oil is Good Oil

A central tenet for African-American hair is oiling your hair frequently. But not all oil is good oil. You should know that all such substances contain cheap mineral based oil that clogs the pores in the scalp and discourages hair growth.

Instead, opt for natural oil such as coconut or jojoba to moisturize your scalp instead. These oils will impart a great sheen to your hair and also keep it luxuriantly moisturized.

Comb with Care

When brushing or combing black hair, take care to not use too much force. Instead, partition the hair into four parts – two on the sides, one each in the front and back. Start from the bottom, work your way to the top, then move to the sides, and finally do the front. Never should you use too much force while brushing your hair – you don’t want to rip the hair from their very roots leading to a damaged scalp and hair roots. Instead, you should be gentle, work along the four different partings, and take your time. I sincerely recommend that you brush your hair only when you have adequate time – rushing through this job will only leave you with pain, regret, and a mess of hair. For quality afro kinky hair. After suffering from hair loss for years and trying every product on the market, I was about to give up. But I found something that works for me, and it works pretty effectively well!

House Cleaning Facts

No one wants to have a messy house. If you are too busy to keep up with your home then you might want to consider hiring an expert or company to help. You have many options if you are looking for someone to clean your home. You could hire an individual that works for themselves, or you could hire a company that does this work.

For some people, having someone come into your home can be intimidating. You have good reason to feel concerned because there are many people out there who you would not want in your home. Before hiring someone, you should set up an interview with an individual or a company. In some ways, it might be easier to hire a company because you can be assured they are licensed and insured. It is also likely that they have undergone a background check. If you hire an individual, you should make sure that they agree to not make you liable if they are ever hurt on the job unless they are licensed, and you should also try to get a background check for them.

Attributes to look for in those who would do house cleaning for you include honesty, thoroughness, and affordability. These areas are important traits to look for when hiring anyone for any job, but especially when your home is involved.

Honesty is important no matter what the job is for which you are hiring someone. It is important that those you hire have good references for their work to prove that they are honest and good workers. Having honest people working for you will help you to feel comfortable that someone can be working in your home even if you are not there.

Thoroughness is very important when you hire someone for house cleaning. As you look for thoroughness, you should also consider the time it takes the housekeeper to be thorough. You do not want someone who spends so much time in one room that they are unable to finish the job.

Affordability is also a consideration. If you hire an individual, you might be able to negotiate, so you may be able to charge less than if you are paying a company.

There are many people willing to work for good rates, so there is no reason for you to go over your budget when you hire someone to do house cleaning.

Do not live in a messy house any longer. Take the time today to find someone you can trust to take care of your home.

The Importance of Beard Dye

At first, I am going to define beard dye. Maintaining your perfect beard can be the biggest challenge for you. Because your facial hair will become thicker in a few spots, in various lengths, and frequently in an assortment of hues. The best African American beard care products will always be loaded with some astonishment. Facial hair can develop or not develop in unforeseen spots and in addition in various hues. The beard color is not the same as like your hair color. Beard color is lighter, grayer or redder than head’s hair color and it is the main reason for looking older for many of you. Many of you now may think that how you all can get rid of this unwanted situation? To rescue from this unwanted irritation situation best beard dye is using for.

Types of beard dye?

In the market, you can find lots of beard dye. And this all type of beard dye is mainly divided into two parts Semi-Permanent and Permanent.


A semi-permanent beard dye is best for whom who wants a blended, stubble look with lightly shaded color. Semi-permanent beard dye is temporary color and it became faded after you wash with shampoo. This type of beard dye is deposit hue on the outer hair shaft and simply small part will cover the inner hair shaft cortex. Also, semi-permanent beard dye cannot be covered all the grizzly parts. So this beard dye is best for whom who change repeatedly within a small period.


Permanent beard dye will give you an even, standard and consistent color on your beard. It has a strong ingredient that will help you to cover all of your gray parts on your beard hair. Permanent has contained the higher levels of peroxide and ammonia. Unlike semi-permanent beard dye, it can proper change your gray color with your choose color on your beard that will help you to give an even look. Permanent beard dye can’t be fade as long as the new hair is grown. But it can be harmful to your skin health.

So it will be better for you if you use semi-permanent beard dye it will give you an organic color on your every single root of re-growth.

How to choose the best beard dye?

Getting the right shading can be dubious for a couple reasons. If you mostly like the gray shade on your beard then you might need to get the best beard dye that will give you a touch-up look. For the most part coloring your beard from dark or white, to a full brown, or even a light color will be a jostling change. You may not care for it and the greater part of your associates will see the change immediately. You may not want to look weird but I contemplate you must desire to look smart and youthful. At that point you may think what should be the solution answer is the best beard dye.

Now in your mind, you might be thinking, why?

You check whether you run with a color that is only a shade darker; you can apply 50% of the color for half of the prescribed time and afterward flush it out. Make sure to store the remaining color and give it a day to see what you think about it. Thu-sly you are sparing yourself a couple of additional bucks and ideally disposed of a couple silver hairs along the way.

Simply remember this, once you color your beard excessively dull, it’s possible going, making it impossible to look somewhat. There are ways you can attempt to wash the color out in the event that you commit an error with the shading. Shading your beard is a progressive and unpretentious procedure. The key is for others not to see the change. So don’t run graceless with the procedure.

Choose the right color for your beard?

One thing you should know that your beard hair is much harder and rough than your head hair. And this will fall you in a difficult situation where you have to be very careful about choosing best beard dye with perfect color.

If you choose lighter beard dye color then you can use twice at a time then it can give you a perfect shade. It is preferable for whom who have more times. But who have less time they can use darker shade which will be very much time saver for you? It also gives you a long lasting color shade.