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How To Style Your Beard

Find a Beard Style and Size That Fits You

       Now that your beard is ready, the next step is to choose the right beard style for your face.  As a general rule, the beard and jaw should be in harmony to achieve an evenly graduated oval shape.


       Here are some ways to style your beard:


       Best beard for men with round face


       If you have a round face, a long beard will match the proportions of your face to make your head and beard appear longer and thinner.


       Grow a long beard to allow your beard to grow while cutting off the fat on the sides for a rounded look.  Sideburns and short hair on the cheeks to increase the length of your beard.  This style works well for men who have a slightly larger but neat goatee or goatee shape.


       Best beard for heart shaped faces


       A heart-shaped face is similar to a round face in that it is wider but has the unique feature of a long chin.  The chin is also usually on the narrow side.  This face shape is recommended for growing a long beard, but make sure the sides are crisp and short.  You will love how it compliments your face.


       Best beard for men with oval face


       With an oval face shape, you have complete freedom to try out any beard style you like, good luck.  Their face is already shaped like an elongated oval, so most beard styles will suit men with oval faces.  As always, of course, keep proportions in mind and plan ahead before using the tool.


       Best beard for men with a million faces


       For men with long faces, their face is as long as an oval face, but their chin is sharper and more defined.  For this face shape, a long beard with short sides works best for this shape.


       Best beard for a rectangular face


       The best beard styles for men with rectangular faces are fuller, rounder and shorter on the sides with a well-cut beard.  For longer face shapes, a short beard will help maintain proper vertical proportions and give you the secret of a fuller face.


        Best beard suitable for a diamond face


       The diamond-shaped face shape is widest at the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and the jaw line being nearly symmetrical in width.  Therefore, the goal should always be to keep the hair on the chin out to the cheekbones, so keep the razor down.  Ideally, you want to sideline a protruding chin to create the illusion of a more balanced bone structure.