skin care

Finding Skin Care Products

A personal touch is the key to finding the right skin care products with the right ingredients for your skin.  It takes a little longer and requires reading the ingredients list, but it’s worth it. Here is a website that covers the best skin care products for black men going into 2021 and beyond.

     Know your skin type

     Your skin type is the most important factor in determining which skin care products are best for you.  

     For oily skin: Look for products that contain alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic or salicylic acid), benzoyl peroxide, and hyaluronic acid.  “

     For dry skin: look for products that contain shea butter and lactic acid. 

     For sensitive skin: see products containing aloe vera, oatmeal and shea butter. 

    Consider any skin problems.  

    Think, if you have any skin related problems like wrinkles, marks, pimples, blackheads or acne, you can buy products to help with this.  Certain products can also cause a burning sensation or itching, or exacerbate sensitive skin, so you should take extra care if your skin is already sensitive.

     It is not necessary that natural is always better

     Famous words on the ingredient list may be comforting, but they do not always indicate the safest route.

     Have a look at ingredients of products

     Once you know which ingredients to avoid or use later, you need to pay attention to where those ingredients are on the list.  Take a look at the first five ingredients, as they often make up around 80% of the product’s composition.

     Take advantage of online resources

     You don’t need a travel dictionary to choose skincare products with the right ingredients.  Make your life easier by using online resources. Online shopping will also helps you to be safe from the pollution outside your houses and pollution can harm your skin the most.

     Try the patch test

     Patch testing is a smart way to add a product removal process.  (Besides, it’s a good excuse to go to Ulta or Sepora without spending a lot of money.) It’s time to use these test products.

     A patch test can be used to determine if certain products or ingredients are causing allergies, irritating the skin, or clogging the pores.

     Avoid ingredients


     Extra fragrance often causes allergies and skin irritation, so it’s especially important to avoid them if you have sensitive skin.


     Sulfates are detergents that are often found in body washes and shampoos.  They naturally suck in greasy hair and skin, which in turn can cause irritation.


     Parabens are commonly added to products such as chemical preservatives to help prevent the growth of bacteria.